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A place to relax and heal your body, mind, and spirit...

Blacktail Creek Therapeutics is located in the charming and relaxed setting of a 1903 vintage urban ranch home sheltered in an old growth grove of Cottonwood and tall Pine trees not far from Interstate 90 and Harrison Avenue in Butte, Montana.
We are secluded but not far away and easy to find (see map below).

Our fully certified and experienced staff can offer a range of therapies to ensure that your visit will result in your complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Spend an hour relaxing, and receiving therapeutic treatment, or treat yourself (or someone you love) to a day of therapies and rejuvenation.

Blactail Creek offers the finest quality massage products available. Organic and natural products are used in all aspects of our business from the cleaning supplies to the massage oil.

Thanks for making Blacktail Creek Theraputics your place to relax and heal body mind and spirit. Chiropractic and Rolfing available. Ask about your discount for frequenty appointments, senior citizens, and for paying cash.


Relax in the herbal tearoom, or by the fireplace in winter, as you choose your therapy option. We offer juices, teas, body care products and massage therap[y supplies.

We also offer gift certificates for all of our therapies.

Space is available for meetings, workshops, seminars and small parties (up to 20 people).

Also, as a convenience to our clients, we sell a selection of Guatemalan crafts, medicinal teas, juices, and a selection of Leanin' Tree cards and magnets.

Member of:

The American Massage
Therapy Association

National Certification Board
for Therapeutic Massage
and Bodywork

Call for more information—406-494-0099 or send e-mail

Our Services
Swedish Relaxation Massage
Several different strokes applied to the major muscle groups to ease tension and promote blood and lymph circulation.

1/2 hour - $35; 1 hour - $60; 90 minutes - $85
Foot Reflexology
Your choice of light to deep pressure is used to reflex different areas of the feet that correspond with all the systems of the body. Very balancing and incredibly relaxing.

1 hour - $60
Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage
A deeper Swedish massage with emphasis on problem areas. Trigger (tension) points are located and released to relieve pain and help restore muscle to proper function.

1/2 hour - $40; 1 hour - $65; 90 minutes - $90
Raindrop Therapy
Combining aromatherapy and massage to bring balance and harmony, phisically, mentally and emotionally. Antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. Nine different essential oils are massaged into spine and feet.

1 hour - $70
Prenatal Massage
A wonderful massage that releases tension and pressure. Using special "pregnancy massage cushions" designed for your changing body, you can lay face down in total comfort.
1/2 hour - $35; 1 hour - $60; 90 minutes - $85
Soothing Healing Foot Therapy
Soak your feet in an aromatherapy whirlpool bath. Feet are scrubbed, buffed, dipped in hot parrafin wax and massaged. You'll be glad you did! Great fro many foot ailments.
40 minutes - $35
CranioSacral Therapy
A gentle hands-on therapy. The practitioner uses a light touch to test and correct. Improves your body's internal environment and strengthens its ability to heal itself. A wide range of dysfunction can be alleviated, including migraines and headaches, neck and back pain, stress and tension, chronic fatigue, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorders.
1 hour - $60

Rosemary Hair, Scalp, and Neck Treatment
Essential oil of rosemary is used to rejuvenate hair and scalp with some therapy to relax the neck. Very refreshing!

30 minutes $35


Ancient Sea Salt Glo/Massage
A wonderful blend of mineral salts and oil are rubbed on your body to exfoliate dry skin cells, and soften and nourish your skin. You then shower and return to the table for a relaxing Swedish massage. Your skin is your largest organ, and it plays a major role in the detoxification of your body. Be good to your skin!  
1 hour - $65; 90 minutes - $90

Hyper-Oxy Treatment
The hyperbaric oxygen chamber increases the body's oxygen uptake, enabling it to function more efficiently. Promotes healing and improves beauty, health and fitness. For more details, click
1 hour - $45

Detox Herbal Body Wrap
Your body is prepared using a dry friction brush technique, after which warm herbal soaked wraps are applied. You're left warm and relaxed for approximately 20 minutes. Stimulates circulation, helps eliminate toxins, revitalizes the skin and sculpts the body.
1 hour - $65
Choose either warm, soothing parrafin (hot wax) or a blend of sea algae, spirulina, clay, sea salts and brewers yeast (marine mud mask). Skin is cleansed with a lavendar wash before mask is applied. Face is massaged and conditioned after removal of mask, leaving the skin rosy and smooth.

40 minutes $35
Marine Body Mud Wrap
A blend of sea algae, spirulina, clay, sea salts and brewers yeast are massaged into your skin prior to a full body thermal wrap, which is followed by a shower for a vigorous detoxification process. Come back to the table for a moisturizing massage.
1 hour - $70

with 30-minute moisturizing massage -

Chair Massage
We come to your location for groups of 4 or more. Treatment takes place in a specially designed chair while client is fully clothed. Emphasizes stress relief in back and shoulders.

15 minutes - $15


How to Find Us


We are located at 1365 Evans Avenue four blocks east of the U.S. Post Office on Dewey Blvd. If you would like specific driving directions from anywhere in Butte, or from anywhere else, please call us at 406-494-0099 or send an email to bctdayspa@hotmail.com and we would be happy to guide you to our front door.

You can also get detailed driving directions from anywhere in Butte, the area or anywhere in the world for that matter by visiting Mapquest and typing in your address and then our address as your destination (1365 Evans Ave., Butte, MT 59701).
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